Brands We Repair

We pride ourselves on being able to repair any major brand of appliance and being one of the best Berwyn appliance repair stores. We don’t only repair major brands however, we also ensure we are aware of the newest technology and appliances coming out in the industry.

Here is some information about the brands we work with:


Based in Boston, this huge company services different industries from healthcare to finance. One of their child companies, GE Appliances, is seen as one of the largest brands for appliances in the world.

GE Appliances manufacture many kinds of appliances anywhere from washing machines, heating systems, washer dryers and more. This innovative company has released many fantastic new appliances with incredible teach, some fridges for example brew coffee and some of the cooker ranges are even able to clean themselves. In their 150 years of operation, GE continues to innovate.


A household name across the world, born out of Seoul, Korea. Samsung has been building fantastic appliances and electronics for a long time. The company makes TVs, Radios, Cellphones and more. But their appliances are where Samsung begins to really impress. Samsung has released incredible kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and ranges but also produces high-quality washing machines, air conditioners and much more.


Bosch is a well-known appliance brand worldwide, hailing from the UK they have become one of the innovation giants of the world striving to make life easier for customers. On average Bosch submits over 900 patents full of innovation each year, meaning they are likely to make a huge impact in the appliance world yearly. Best known for beautiful designs and excellent quality always, Bosch always seems to impress.


LG’s goal is to make life easy for the customer, their appliances have features that work to do things you shouldn’t have to do. Focused mainly on home appliances in the kitchen, for cleaning and for laundry, they make a house a home.

Selling appliances from Washer Dryers, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and more, LG is one of the best out there.


You’ll have heard of Maytag before, they are most well-known for their warranty which lasts 10 years on all appliances. This kind of promise can only mean that the products are to be dependable and of excellent quality. Should a Maytag appliance come up with a fault, Maytag uses the services of only the best and most reliable repair companies – much like us.

Maytag has manufactured kitchen appliances and other appliances like dryers and washing machines for years.


Kenmore has been in business for a long time, more than a century in fact, and for that time they have been making excellent appliances. Known for incredible levels of efficiency, this innovative company has many incredible features exclusive to them.

They provide a large variety of appliances and stock most major appliances you can think of.


Viking is a well-known brand, and for good reason. Being the biggest appliance manufacturer for commercial kitchens is no small feat. Buying Viking appliances secures a commercial level appliance that otherwise you’d only find in restaurants straight into your home.

Including but not limited to ice machines, refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. Viking provides top of the line products.


If you’ve ever seen a stylish appliance and wasn’t sure which brand it is, chances are it was Frigidaire. This company brings performance to the table and levels it out with class and style. Frigidaire offers almost any appliance you can think of, from refrigerators with a wide range of variety to water filtration systems.

In the end, the brand you opt for is only a personal choice and brings with it so security that they will be working, good as new, forever. When they do stop working or become faulty, you’ll need someone you can rely on. That’s where Jake’s Appliance Repair comes in. We’re here to kick your machine back into action. Give us a call today.