Dishwasher Repair

Some say the dishwasher is the most important time-saver in the home, if this breaks down, we at Jake’s understand how frustrated you might be, we would be too.

But don’t fear, we don’t want you to waste precious time hand washing dishes. If you’re from Berwyn, IL, grab your phone and call us at Jake’s Appliance Repair. Once you’ve called us we’ll have a professional en route to your door to get your dishwasher working once again. Our crack team of professional engineers is highly skilled and well-trained individuals that know all of the best-known brands well. The problem will be diagnosed, and a quote will be offered at a fair price, if agreed we will repair it, same day.

If you’re in need of maintenance and your dishwasher is still being used, we are happy to give incredible maintenance services to your appliance. This maintenance is done in a way to extend the life for your appliance and ensure it runs as good as new.

Why did my Dishwasher break down?

There are many reasons your dishwasher may malfunction, it all depends on the issue. Often we find that pump assemblies can ware out, there could be a leak or alternatively, a heating element could be burnt. Other reasons could be down to clogging in the drain or a faulty water inlet. If one of these parts malfunction, it can more times than often be an express route to a larger issue. It’s not so easy to diagnose an issue with a dishwasher.

It’s always best to get an expert in, DIY is often not the answer and will only cost you valuable time and effort you shouldn’t need to use. If you’re not familiar with repairing the appliance, don’t do it.

Luckily, our team of professionals is able to get the job done and sort your issue with efficiency whilst also being cost-effective.

The common issues and their repair

Water does not drain

One of the most common issues is water not draining, this can often be fixed by ensuring the drain screen is clean, this is located at the bottom of the appliance. This can happen if you’re often washing dishware that is unrinsed. On the other hand, if the drain is clean, the issue could be down to a broken pump or a fault in the drainpipe.

Loud noises coming from the dishwasher

Naturally loud appliances as they are, dishwashers can also become louder if damaged. Often this is caused by the housing being damaged or a blockage somewhere in the system, causing your pump to become louder. This usually isn’t a DIY job and requires a professional to come out and replace. If the dishwasher is shutting off when making the loud noise, the motor will most likely need replacement.

Extended running time and doesn’t clean effectively

If the dishwasher seems to be taking too long in a cycle, it could be your timer or thermostat that has issues. On the other hand, if your dishes appear unclean, it could be anything from the heating elements, armholes for spray or the impeller.

Dishwasher doesn’t stop filling or does not fill at all

If this is an issue you’re having it could be draining abnormally fast, or possibly could be down to the inlet valve for water and/or the float needing to be replaced or possibly cleaned. This is quite an easy one, as all you’ll have to do is remove the panel for lower access and switch the float, or scrub.

However, replacing the valve for water inlet is much harder, every brand has a different one, this is where you’ll need an appliance expert to come in and save the day.

Is a replacement an option?

If you look after your dishwasher with regular maintenance, it can last up to a decade. When nearing the end of the lifecycle, it’s common to see many issues pop up. Our crack team of experts can take a look at your machine and figure out if replacing one part would be a permanent fix. If it’s not, we’ll always act with honesty and give a replacement recommendation. We’ll even offer to help you set up your new dishwasher.

It doesn’t matter how large a problem with your dishwasher, we can fix it. Give us a call and book an appointment with us today.