Freezer Repair

Freezers are extremely useful in keeping fresh foods, fresh for longer. Although many of us take these appliances for granted and don’t realize how much of an impact it would make should it break. But freezer break downs happen more often than you may think, and with a high cost of food on the line, it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to looking after one.

In the case of your freezer faulting, call Jake’s Appliance Repair of Berwyn, IL. We’re always on hand to help you fix your appliance issues quicker than any other service and for a cost-effective amount too. Our incredible service will not leave you disappointed.

The reason your freezer has broken down

There is a wide range of reasons that your freezer could be having issues. Anything from the drainage hose having a blockage, the coils for the condenser being stuck or even the door seals being damaged to some extent or have been wared over time. If it’s not any of these however, the thermostat or compressor components are common culprits.

Regardless of what issue you may be having, do not attempt to DIY repair your freezer unless you have the relevant skills and experience. This device is rigged up to high voltage electricity when combined with water or melting ice, this is deadly. We advise hugely against any DIY repairs to your freezer.

We’ve known people attempt to repair through guessing, and most of the time this has ended up costing the customer more than just time. Don’t risk your safety, instead call a professional and get the repairs done in a quick and cost-effective manner.

The common issues and troubleshooting process

My freezer is making loud clicking noises

Often freezers can make noise, but if you’re hearing a clicking noise it’s possible that the compressor or even the start relay not working. You should be able to hear the clicking noise clearly.

If the starting relay (which works with the compressor) has been burned out or has stopped giving power equally, it will require replacement. If the issue continues, it could possibly be the evaporator fan motor that might need replacement, this could also be compressor mounts in the freezer if they have been worn, which also requires replacement.

The freezer does not run at all or isn’t as cold as it should be

After ensuring your freezer is connected to power and it still won’t turn on, it could be the power supply with an issue. Check your home’s breaker and ensure that it has not tripped, also check to ensure a fuse hasn’t blown. If this still doesn’t solve the issue, call Jake’s Appliance Repair today.

It could also be the airflow vents within the freezer being blocked or restricted, alternatively the coils could be blocked or the fan for evaporation could be failing. We’re able to resolve all these things.

My freezer is leaking

If a freezer is leaking it could mean disaster on the horizon, but don’t worry, we can sort this before it gets worse. This could be the inlet valve for the water, if this is damaged it can cause leaks. If that isn’t the issue to ensure that the drain is not blocked.

Should I consider replacing my freezer?

Freezers surprisingly can last up to 17 years, compared to most other appliances in your home, that’s a lot longer. But if you’ve had it for this long, we’d suggest considering a new appliance as a replacement instead of what could be monthly repairs.

Our team of experts can assist you in finding the right appliance for you. Not only that, but we can get a professional engineer to your door to replace the old with the new.

Give us a call today at Jake’s Appliance Repair.