Oven Repair

If your oven is out of action, it can be one of the most frustrating things possible. You can’t bake, you can’t cook, and you can’t heat up that cold pizza from yesterday. But don’t panic if you’re having oven problems. If you live in the Berwyn area, give Jake’s Appliance Repairs a call today and let’s get your issue sorted. Our engineers are certified and well trained to deal with any issues.

With lots of experience servicing and repairing ovens and many other appliances across many models, Jake’s can provide the best service for the best money. No matter the brand of appliance.

Why did my oven break down?

The reasons that an oven could stop working are endless. Anything from the circuitry within the oven being faulty, the gas keeps going out, the door seals may be burned or frayed or even the thermostat may be out of action.

Some people prefer to attempt DIY when repairing, but a professional repair service when looking at ovens is always the best option. There are some repairs that you can easily do with DIY, but only if you have experience or understand what it is you’re trying to achieve or do. There’s no point in wasting time and energy on guessing the problem.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional repair service because you think you might save cash by doing it yourself. Sadly, this isn’t always correct. If something is not done correctly when attempting repairs, it will cost more, and your warranty could be void. Why go through the stress?

Not only is it smarter to hire a pro, but it’s also safer. In terms of deaths, appliances account for around 20% of these in America alone. It’s important that a professional is bought in to resolve the issue and is certified and trained to follow strict safety rules.

The common problems and their repair

Oven not heating up

If you find your oven is not heating up correctly, firstly check either the breaker should the stove be electric, or the pilot flame if it’s a gas oven. If this looks okay and you have power, it’s possible this fault is down to your heating element, which could require replacement. This isn’t as easy as we make it sound, though. If your heating elements appear fine and are working as expected, but your gill is not, you may need to replace the entire element for the grill.

If all of these are working as expected, the thermostats for the oven and the safety ones may be faulty. It’s also possible that a fuse for the thermal element has blown. Most of these repairs are not a simple fix, it’s always best to check with a professional first, call Jake’s today.

Jammed door or the door will not close

If you find that your oven door will not close, it’s usually the hinges that are the cause, along with the runner. These are usually subject to replacement or realignment. Check the door seal also to see if they are worn, this can stop the door closing properly.

If you have an oven that cleans itself, as most modern ovens do, check your latches as they could be causing an issue when closing the door. Remember that if the door can’t close your cleaning cycle won’t complete.


Overheating is usually down to the thermostat having issues but can also be to do with the sensors within the oven. It’s important to remember that if your oven is getting too hot, it’s advised to NOT do the repairs DIY.

Considering the replacement of my oven

Usually, the lifespan of most ovens is around a decade, regardless of style or make. If your oven is becoming older, usually we’d advise a replacement of the appliance. At Jake’s, we’ll always provide the best financial choice for you. Repair, maintenance or installation, we can help you. Call us today.