Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators make our lives so much easier. They keep fresh food, fresh for longer. If your fridge begins to fail, you’ll notice quickly. The food you could keep for weeks will now go bad quickly and it’ll be a frustrating experience for you and those around you. But don’t fret! If you live in or around Berwyn, IL. Jake’s Appliance Repair can help you. Our experts provide top of the line support right from the get-go and will have your refrigerator running again within the day.

Our staff is trained and certified for all of the biggest brands while having plenty of experience in the field. These brands include Viking, Maytag, Bosch, Frigidaire, LG, GE, Samsung and many more.

In the meantime, purchase some dry ice and keep the doors of your refrigerator shut, this should keep things cool for the time being.

Why did my fridge break down?

There are many reasons for a fridge breaking down or being faulty, depending on the scenario. The common culprits are the compressor, timer, defroster or even the coils for the condenser being blocked. Not to mention the controls for the temperature being broken along with the seals for the door or the lock could be faulty.

Luckily, these issues can be corrected most of the time by repairing the part with the issue or replacing the part entirely. This might sound easy, but it’s not. There are steps you must take before a resolution is clear, identifying the issue is the main one. This is different for every brand.

Because repairs are not easy, we highly suggest against any DIY you might need to do. DIY will cost you money and time if done incorrectly. Often, you’ll need to fork out some cash for equipment which usually is only for those certified to use them. Another common misconception is that trial and error works, it doesn’t, and you could be causing more harm than repair. This will not be covered by warranty if it’s DIY.

This is the reason you should bring in the professionals, call Jake’s Appliance Repair from Berwyn, IL. Today.

Common problems and their repair

Loud noises from the fridge

There is always going to be a humming noise with your refrigerator, but if you’re hearing something different, a louder sound, it could be the fan for evaporation or the ice machine, these are the most common. When opening the door of your fridge, if the sound gets louder it’s most likely the condenser or even the evaporator. Within the blades of the fan, there could be something trapped within, this may cause a sound. Luckily, the fan can be replaced but you should do so quickly as this can cause lots of further damage.

Not cool enough

If your fridge is not cool enough, first check your temperature gauge. Otherwise, it could even be the coils in the condenser. Usually, your fridge may also need a clean, if there is debris building up it can raise the temperature. If this doesn’t sort it, give us a call. It’s most likely a part that needs replacing.

If your fridge’s start relay has failed this could also require replacement.

Leaking in or around the fridge

If you have water leaking onto the floor or within the fridge, it’s more than likely either the water inlet valve or the tank. If it turns out to be the water tank, the entire assembly would need replacement. The water filter could also be a culprit, as they can sometimes leak, often as a result of DIY repairs, replacing this can sort it.

Check your pan for defrosting for damage, while also checking the valve for water inlet, if they are damaged a replacement is needed.

Considering refrigerator replacement

A refrigerator surprisingly can last up to 17 years if looked after properly with regular maintenance, this, of course, depends on the type of fridge. If your fridge is older than 17 years, you should absolutely consider a replacement. We have a fix for that too and can help you. Call us today.